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 Alpha Base

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PostSubject: Alpha Base   Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:35 pm

This is my new comedy series idea.
Tell me what you think of it.
All spaces (except for Ace) in the cast are open, u can try-out for any spot just ask me.

Alpha Base- a dysfunctional group of Spartans find themselves all assigned to a lone base in a canyon.
Watch as the group and their crazy adventures.
Here is the description of each character and episode 1 "Meet the Gang"

---Alpha Squadron---
General Major- Leader, more serious than the rest of the group, kind of old-fashioned mindset. - ROYSPENCER
Grizz- Bigger, slow minded, oafish, and goofy.-JIMMY
Foxx- Curious man, mostly keeps to himself, but talks sometimes, a little odd.-ELDON
Ace- More normal but jokes and tends to be sarcastic.-RD DIABLONINJAZ
Lock- Jokes often, talks about chicks, very non-serious tone.-IAMCORN

Alpha Base
Episode 1
Meet the Gang

[Camera on Grizz and General stand at the front of the base. Camera then behind them as 2 falcons transport Foxx, Ace, and Lock and land in front of the 2. Foxx, Ace, and Lock hop out of the falcons and walk towards the 2. The falcons fly away and they start to greet.]

General: You three are the new recruits for this base aren't you?

Ace: Nooo, not us. We are the enemy, and we have come to kill you and destroy your base.

Grizz: Oh no. Not the enemy! [Aims gun at Ace]

General: Calm down Grizz he was just making a joke. [to Ace] Very funny.

Ace: Anyway, I'm Ace, this is Foxx...

Foxx: Hello..

Ace: ..and this is Lock.

Lock: Hey.

General: Hello and Welcome to Alpha Base. I'm General Major, and this is... [Looks at Grizz]

Grizz: Uhh.. Oh! I'm Grizz.

Ace: Um.. wait a minute General Major what?

General: General Major.

Ace: General Major what??

General: My name is General... Major, my last name is Major. Therefore my name is General Major.

Ace: Oh ok...

Lock: Um so General guy, I'm looking around and I'm not seeing any chicks, where's all the chicks man?

General: If by "chicks" you mean female officers, there are currently none stationed at this outpost.

Lock: Well that's pretty lame man. This should totally be some fun, a bunch of dudes in a base.

Ace: Yeah, lots of fun.

General: You need not fun, this job is serious.

Ace: Yeah, I can tell guarding a lone base in a canyon. The world be doomed if we weren't here. This is the work of heroes.

General: This base was made for a reason or it wouldn't be here.

Ace: And that reason is...

General: Um.. Well.. Grizz and I should be showing you around the base. Right Grizz?..

Grizz: Uh.... yeah..

[They walk up the ramp and camera fades out, then fades back in to an armory with General facing the others]

General: …and this is the Armory.

[Foxx walks over to the guns, with his back to everyone, and says…]

Foxx: What has a hammer, but does no constructing, a magazine that you don’t read, and sight, but can’t see?

Lock: Umm.. I don’t dude.

Ace: Enlighten us Foxx.

[Foxx turns around with a pistol in his hand]

Foxx: A pistol. [Then gives a short giggle]

Ace: Umm.. ok man.. Whatever you say.

General: [Whispering to Ace] What’s his deal?

Ace: [To General] Oh, him? Just a little off, he’s an ok guy though.

General: [To Ace] If you say so…

[Camera fades out, then fades back in to Ace and Lock talking]

Ace: So what do you think of our new base?

Lock: I don’t know man. Seems kinda stranded you know?

[Camera looks out into the field of nothing then back onto them]

Ace: You’re telling me, one base and an empty canyon. There’s no action, I mean really what could go wrong?..

[Loud explosion is heard and camera shakes]

Lock: Holy shit!

Ace: Holy shit!

[Camera goes to black]

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PostSubject: Re: Alpha Base   Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:28 pm

Lol, looks good we can film it soon
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PostSubject: Re: Alpha Base   Tue Jan 25, 2011 5:45 am

If anyone would like to try out for any position in this movie, post a reply, or message me on xbox live. I will give u a tryout.
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PostSubject: Re: Alpha Base   Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:35 pm

I will be gone this weekend, but if you want to try out send me a message or post a reply and i will get back to you as fast as possible, thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Alpha Base   Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:05 pm

Hey is there a part for a medic/doc or a vehicle guy...

me thinks it requires SFing
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PostSubject: Re: Alpha Base   

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Alpha Base
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