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PostSubject: Jimmy Bomb   Jimmy Bomb Icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2011 5:03 am

here is a script

Corn: Okay guys looks like there going to be grouping up and taking us on that way


Roy, Eldon, And Corn : Jimmy bomb GO


Jimmy lobs a plasma grenade in the air
Jimmy sprints from red base on hemorrhage gets chased by a ghost Runs over a hill
another ghost is in front of him charging
Jimmy jumps making the two ghosts splatter each other
runs in between two tanks which miss both their shots and blow each other up
reaches blue base gets surrounded by 5 or so guys
his grenade finally lands sticking him
jimmy armor locks as it explodes killing all of them

Corn walks up

Corn: I'm surprised to be saying this but that was awesome jimmy
jimmy: thanks

another jimmy walks up

Real jimmy : You do realize its Tuesday Right?

Fimmy Jingas: Sorry Chaps But My Inheritance Awaits Me!!!

Fimmy jingas jet-packs away

Corn: so your still as useless as ever huh...

looks to see jimmy running away

Jimmy Screams: My Bad

corn looks down

he has a plasma on his foot

Corn : Lovely...

Corn explodes

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Jimmy Bomb
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