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 Christmas Special

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PostSubject: Christmas Special   Christmas Special Icon_minitimeTue Dec 20, 2011 1:12 pm

Got 2 ideas for a Christmas Special.
1. Saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" (Politically Correct)
2. Santa being a killer

1. Somewhat of a script i have, need to expand on it.

1: hey guys, merry Christmas!
2: you should say happy holidays you know.
1: why?
3: it's politically correct to say happy holidays rather than merry Christmas.
1: dude screw political correctness
4: well there are different celebrations this season like hanukkah or kwanza, not just Christmas
1: man when you go around public places during December what kind of decorations do u see? Thats not a Hanukkah tree, or a kwanza Claus.
2: well how would u like it if someone came up to u and said happy Hanukkah?
1: me? Well I'd just tell them merry Christmas.
2: well whatever man it's just politically incorrect
1: why do I care to be politically correct? Next ur gonna tell me I'm not supposed to call midgets midgets
3: dude ur not! Ur not supposed to call them that.
1: what should I call them elves? Haha

Thats what i got so far, need more any ideas

2. I just got the idea no script for this, but i was thinking it would be someone narrating a myth that santa isnt actually the happy present giver, he is actually a mythological killer who comes down the chimney and murders. thats what i got for that.
Need some ideas for both, and were gonna film these so we need people willing to do these as well.
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Christmas Special
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