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PostSubject: Random Funny chats   Random Funny chats Icon_minitimeThu Feb 02, 2012 3:31 pm

[12:58:40 AM] triadproductions: hey
[12:55:37 PM] Eldon: hi
[3:14:34 PM] triadproductions: whats up
[3:15:06 PM] Eldon: relaxing at the moment
[3:15:38 PM] triadproductions: nice have you been on the xbox?
[3:15:47 PM] Eldon: not that often why?
[3:16:09 PM] triadproductions: same just wanna whats going on
[3:16:46 PM] Eldon: so no free games or someone bug i need to to take advangate of?
[3:16:57 PM] Eldon: darn
[3:17:04 PM] triadproductions: i have minecraft still
[3:17:11 PM] Eldon: do you now
[3:17:26 PM] triadproductions: with 1.1 full update and your house is still there
[3:17:47 PM] Eldon: sounds fun though on a completly different note
[3:17:57 PM] Eldon: have you heard of the dueling network?
[3:18:02 PM] Eldon: we should duel
[3:18:18 PM] triadproductions: how ?
[3:18:39 PM] Eldon: for starters its a free yugioh card game site
[3:18:49 PM] Eldon: just create a account login and begin building your deck
[3:19:36 PM] Eldon: i suggest that just becuase it puts hardly any strain on my computer unlike minecraft
[3:21:44 PM] triadproductions: oh
[3:21:45 PM] Eldon: so wink wink nudge nude duel?
[3:21:56 PM] Eldon: *nudge nudge
[3:22:07 PM] triadproductions: you gay ho
[3:22:35 PM] Eldon: there is nothing gay about playing children's card games nude
[3:22:45 PM] Eldon: its a very maily hobby
[3:23:01 PM] triadproductions: wow and you wounder why we call you a girl
[3:23:29 PM] Eldon: becuase if i did have a sex chance i would be a hot women?
[3:23:33 PM] Eldon: *chance
[3:23:35 PM] Eldon: *change
[3:24:10 PM] Eldon: so do you want to give it a shot? the duel idea?
[3:24:27 PM] Eldon: without corn here to scream its a trap
[3:24:41 PM] Eldon: and fear eldon's cheap ass deck
[3:25:20 PM] Eldon: or normal halo
[3:29:42 PM] triadproductions: fail eldon..
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PostSubject: Re: Random Funny chats   Random Funny chats Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2012 10:21 pm

[12:16:37 AM] David: Hey
[12:16:40 AM] David: Hey westie
[12:16:46 AM] David: guess what westie
[12:16:49 AM] Eldon: hey easty
[12:16:55 AM] Eldon: tater tots?
[12:17:15 AM] David: No. It's 12;16, you know what that means?
[12:17:31 AM] Eldon: sigh you get to play halo 4
[12:17:47 AM] Eldon: doesn't matter I am not playing it tonight...
[12:18:19 AM] Eldon: good for you
[12:20:50 AM] David: OH GOD YES
[12:20:51 AM] David: YES
[12:20:53 AM] David: OH GOD
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Random Funny chats
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